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by Keith Green -What is the effect of Vatican II on Catholic doctrine and dogma?The Two Babylons This is the full 7th edition of Alexander Hislop's classic book as a 13mb PDF.The site challenges the deceptions of Islam and responds to their distortions of Christianity.Though they are classic Protestants, most of their material is excellent.Vox reveals that atheism has resulted in more intolerance and mass murder than any religion known to man.Though I think Vox has understated the viciousness of Roman Catholicism, his central arguments still stand.Answers in Genesis Presents material supporting Biblical Creation. The Meridian Date - Jewish Encyclopedia reference to the IDL. A Traveler's Guide To The International Dateline Rabbi Dovid Heber. Thanks to my son Tim, who has helped me set up this WEB site.

He gleefully dissects the vacuous arguments of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and Michel Onfray.

Ellen White Exposed - This well-organised site maintains documents which clearly show that Ellen White can not be a Prophet of God. Christian Biblical Church of God - Has many useful and accurate resources. Steve Bruns Home Page - Steve provides access to many interesting articles, including God's Holy Days and Calendar.

United Church of God homepage - Site contains the full text of several excellent booklets and numerous articles from their "Good News" magazine. Different way of getting there, but similar to our conclusions on the IDL.

The Moedim of Yahweh New Covenant Church of God- Messianic church which places the IDL east of Jerusalem.

We have millions of members in cities across the USA and the world who want one thing and one thing only, to hook up now! I try not to take life so seriously and I don't really go out to bars. There are a lot of sex sites out there that are designed to scam you, stealing your information and money and offering you nothing on their sites but fake profiles and foreign scammers - but NOT US.

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It clearly reveals the pagan origins of many non-biblical "Orthodox" beliefs. Genetics: Enemy of Evolution Does Mendelian genetics support the hypothesis of evolution, or is it in greater harmony with the hypothesis of Creation? D.) Playing God in the Garden Michael Pollan wrote this article for The New York Times Sunday Magazine on genetically engineered potatoes.

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